Monday, November 3, 2014

Apple Pay: Burger King Sides With PayPal and It Won't Matter In the Long Run

Source:  iMore.

Burger King is siding with PayPal as its mobile payment of choice for its mobile app.  To entice users, it'll be offering special deals.  It'll be interesting if the details of such a deal come to light and what Burger King gets out of this deal or if it only wanted to to partner with PayPal as a means to differentiate with rival McDonald's who partnered with Apple Pay.

Before folks go head first into how Burger King is signing its own death warrant or other end-of-life analogy, remember that Starbucks has yet to offer Apple Pay and has been offering mobile payment through its own app for years now and has been quite successful.

In the long run, it won't matter if Apple Pay continues to flourish and more retailers realize that by not offering Apple Pay, they will miss out on Apple's more affluent iOS users as a percentage of user base. 

The differentiators won't be about mobile payment of quality of service and food.  Customers will not switch to Big Macs if they prefer Whoppers just because they can't use Apple Pay.  The can't be said about the backlash for drugstores CVS and Rite Aid because they have nothing to offer mobile warriors that is different than Walgreens. 

In the long run, many of these retailers will have to offer Apple Pay and Paypal as these mobile payments are here to stay.  Paypal does seem relatively more secured than the CurrentC, as offered by the MCX retailers, being prepped as an alernative to NFC payment (which is what Apple Pay is based on). 

Apple Pay is here to stay.  There is already defection from the MCX cartel and more will follow.  Retailers on the fence will also fall in line with the more secured NFC platform. 

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