Monday, November 17, 2014

Apple Pay Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected With China UnionPay

China is a very important market for Apple.  It's a very important market for a lot of companies, both big and small.  So, it's no wonder that Apple likes to mention China as often as it can to both as a reminder to investors as Chinese fans.  And with Apple now accepting China UnionPay in the App Store, it's a pretty big deal beyond the convenience it offers to iOS customers. 

It's about the road being paved for Apple Pay in China.  And it's brilliant as Apple works on signing deals in China, it's also working with Alibaba, probably playing them off each other. 

For a while, I expected Apple Pay would not be available for years but it does look like it could happen within the iPhone 6 cycle rather than iPhone 7 or beyond.  That's a good thing for Apple for more reasons than one. 

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