Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CarPlay At Heart of Why Apple Is Making a Car, Auto Industry To Be Blamed

When it came down to it, the iPod was just a MP3 player.  Plain and simple.  But as with anything Apple is involved with, the iPod has an unusual and unique take on how we listened to music and interact with it.  Click-wheel and gigabytes of storage in forms of a hard drive and, later, flash memories.  It will be the came for Apple's car.  But here's the thing, Apple has been prefectly willing to let someone else make the cars as long as their dashboard work seemlessly well with CarPlay.

And with delays after delays, I think at some point, Apple got fed up and decided it was better off making a car running its own unique interface. 

And while it's not set in stone, should Apple truly unveil its own car, the auto industry has no one else to blame but itself.  Take Toyota for instance.  It is not only dragging its feet on CarPlay and Android's take on the car, it supposed believe that its proprietary take is better for Toyota going forward.  Sure.  For Toyota but not necessarily for its customers who likely owns an iPhone or Android device. 

Had Apple's CarPlay been wholeheartedly embraced by the auto industry, it's likely Apple would have been content with letting someone else making the cars.

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