Monday, March 16, 2015

Unflattering Doc About Steve Jobs Coming - If Fair, Then It Needs To Be Made

Source:  Insider.

Many of our icons, good and/or bad, have flaws.  They're people just like anyone else.  No one is perfect and public figures or anyone with a big ego and personality tends to have amplified flaws.  That is what makes them great and infamous at times.  This is the same for politicans, celebrities, and innovators like Steve Jobs.  Certainly, anyone who has hear of Jobs have heard a story or two that highlighted his character flaws.

Now, a new documentary called "Steve Jobs:  Man In The Machine" (IMDB), it takes a look at Jobs' personal life and focused on specific events in his life that underscore what a selfish man and what a megalomaniac is he.  Admittedly, other films and documentaries only provided a passing glance at this side of the man and the many books about his seemed to want to rush through the early parts of his life, like how he treated his daughter Lisa and get to what the meat about his rise in Apple, his exile and "time in the forest", and his second coming at Apple.

A line in the documentary highlighted the kind of film this will be,"behind the scenes, Jobs could be ruthless, deceitful, and cruel".  Both allies and enemies of Jobs can attest to that.  Often times, I've wondered how these ruthless icons would be like if they were actual heads of states.  A smart bet is that their ruthlessness would be unchecked.  Given our more open and democratic society, it's already pretty bad.  Reality in Washington is not too far removed from Netflix's "House of Cards".  Imagine Larry Ellison in Putin's position. 

One should question the motive behind "Man In The Machine".  It's likely the director is not attempting to be fair and balance or simply trying to balance the the positive media regarding Jobs over the years when he took an nearly bankrupted Apple and turned it onto what it is today. 

Perhaps to take down someone like Steve Jobs is simply icing on the cake for someone like him.  Whatever his motives, the director will be offering a different look at Steve Jobs. 

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