Friday, June 19, 2015

Rumored Apple Watch Features - Only New Health Related Ones Would Set AW2 Up For Success

There were a flurry of Apple Watch rumors for the next version that will come out in 2016.  It was a lot for people to chew on and it gave holdouts reason to cheer that they made the right decision to wait and not get the current one.  However, FaceTime calling would be great but there was no mention of new health related features.  And I think continuing focus on health would be a bigger seller than the othe rumored features.

Consider that the current Apple Watch is paid beta as all first generation products are, and not just those from Apple, it good to see it so embraced and loved by its wearers.  And the heart rate monitor is nice, it is still not enough.  Apple Watch's heart rate feature is a "me, too" feature that the Apple Watch absolutely must have given that most of its competitors have it and so do quite a few exercise monitoring bands. 

A couple of interesting features would be helpful to have that can catapult the Apple Watch further.  Obviously, being able to monitor blood pressure is a must have.  This was a rumored feature that many thought would be available on this current Apple Watch.  I had not expected that to happen only because of how I know what it would entail and it was just unlikely Apple could have something like that working out the door.  If anyone could do it, it would have been Apple.  I had given that a less than 50% chance of happening.

As for Apple Watch 2 with blood pressure monitoring?  Hey, this is Apple we're talking about here. 

Right now, we can gather tempature and climate conditions on the Apple Watch from apps pushing such data to the watch. But imagine if we can get that information directly on the watch without the need to pull it from apps on the iPhone.  Temperature, humidty, pressure, UV Index, and other helpful data that can potentially help you determine how much water you need, whether you need to stay out of the sun, and other health-related activities. 

I would love to have both features on the next Apple Watch but only the latter is likely to happen given the technical constraints.  However, you do see what I am talking about. New health-related features would be more helpful than FaceTime calling,

Note: It's likely FaceTime audio is merely a software issue rather than a hardware one.  It's not known whether Apple is even considering actual FaceTime video calling beyond experimenting with it in its highly secretive and secured labs.

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