Monday, June 15, 2015

Wearable Tech: Samsung Gear S With Two Day Battery Life, That's What Others Should Shoot For In The Next Year

Source:  Engadget.

Regardless of how you feel about Android, Google, Samsung, or how the whole smartwatch and other wearable tech is headed, we are still much earlier in wearable computing devices than ever before.  An equivalent situation would be as if we are in the beginning days of mobile, as in the early PDA days.  But what I have to say about Samsung's Gear S battery life is a good start.

Right now, even Apple's watch can barely hit 20 hours of light use.  And that's a stretch.  And it's coming someone who has one on his wrist as he pounds out this post.  The Engadget post is a worthy read.

I am hoping Apple, Motorola, LG, and the up-and-coming Chinese companies shoot for - at least a couple of days.

But don't think I'll be happy with just that.  I've been using various workout bands.  Jawbone Up, Nike Fuelband, and the Fitbit Force and Charge.  So, I'm very used to week long battery life.  That's what I want from these tech giants.

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