Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No MacBook Until I See the iPad Pro

A couple of times during the past month, I nearly pulled the trigger on the new 12" Retina Macbook.  I've done as much research on it as anyone can possible do - what folks who have it are doing with it, battery life, portability, and general sense of how it fits as a replacement for their other laptops or Macbooks.  And I've decided that I can "try" to live without one for a few more months until Apple releases the iPad Pro that is very much real given the amount of smoke coming from that general rumor. 

So far, there is nothing beyond what we are hearing about the iPad Pro that is more than a bigger screen iPad with a pen running iOS 9.  However, I'm hopeful that given the Pro is supposed to be more of a productivity tablet, Apple may release some development tools for it as well.  And iOS device capable of developing apps for the iOS. 

Currently, the iPad works well enough for most productivity tasks with new features like split-screen from iOS 9 that will make the the iPad more appealing to enterprise users.  The pen will likely make artists and designers very happy.

But I like to see coders see some love as well.  And Xcode for iOS would be an awesome additionl.  As someone who has taken up programming, I love to be able to take my iPad Pro and just run with it.  I already have a 15" Macbook Pro that I am using but, folks, it is a big machine to be carry around all the time.

It's why the Macbook has been so appealing.  However, I do see some coders wanting even more portablity when they are on the go.  Furthermore, the iPad Pro wil likely have a longer battery life that makes it ideal for long trips than the Macbook which tops out around 8-9 hours. 

Okay, I recognize that this is a pipe dream on my part but I know there are mobile warriors who want to be able to do more coding on their iPads.  And the near-13" screen of the iPad Pro would be perfect.

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