Monday, September 28, 2015

Macworld Review Shows Apple Tech Pundits and Bloggers Growing More Arrogant and Full Of Themselves

In an otherwise decent review of the iPhone 6S, Macworld UK (link here but nothing new you probably haven't read else where) love the iPhone 6S.  The chief complaint it had was that Apple did not increase the resolution of the iPhone 6S over the 6. 

Seriously?!  Seriously?!  Was Apple increasing the resolution on the iPhone 6S even on any rumor site's radar?  Not at all.  A quick search on Google showed that not one rumor indicated the possibility that Apple was going to up the resolution on the iPhone 6S.

And hey, pal, Apple ain't gonna change the 1080p on the 5.5" iPhone 6S Plus to 4K next year either.  Make sure you show your disappointment in your review next year, yeah?

This is just another example of what I see as an increasingly arrogance that tech pundits show for decades and Apple writers beginning to adopt this bad behavior.  Call out Apple for its bad cloud support.  I agree.  But looking for issues where there aren't any or ripping into Apple or another company whose products do not have all features they want or what competitors have.  Not like all those 4K Android devices are outselling the 6S, are they?

Call things for what they are.  Battery life?  Yeah, that's one thing Macworld could have complained about.  But 4K?  Even if Apple did put in a 4K without telling anyone, I reckon this reviewer probably would have complained about the lack of 4K because HE PROBABLY CAN'T TELL!

Oh, and if Apple had added a 4K screen, this dude would have complained about the shorter battery life. 

It just seems like Apple bloggers just have nothing to do since iPhones are doing so well these days compared to its competitiors that all they can do is bitch, bitch, bitch to get eye balls.  C'mon, guys.  You guys are smart and some of you are even decent writers.  Still with that.

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