Tuesday, September 15, 2015

October Event: Nope

Over the weekend, the idea that Apple may or may not follow tradition with an October event was batted around (On Apple).  Listed were subjects that Apple may dive into and talk about its visions and more far-reaching services that it plan on pushing out to iOS and OS X, reaching further into mobile and eventually the home and car.  However, unlike this post from Two Guys and A Podcast, it is not likely that Apple will hold an event just for the Mac updates. 

Mac Pro and Mini updates?  ZZZZZZZ... Retiring the Macbook Airs in favor of the 12" and even 14" Macbooks?  Sure but the way Apple works is it will allow the Air to languish for a while before unveiling any new replacement and then also allow the Air to sit around for a while with no update and, one day, it's just gone.  The Air was just updated recently so it's not going to happen as TGAAP hope. 

Plus, as far as the Macs are concerned, the much anticipated El Capitan is coming out on 9/30.  Apple is not going to devote time to a product already on the market unless there is a secret update to El Capitan that Apple is hold back that is so awesome that it warrants Tim Cook and friends to take the stage to talk about.  And if that is the case, what can it possibly be? 

Conventional wisdom is that an October media event is not going to happen because Apple loves to break from patterns when it can and deem necessary.  Still, fingers are crossed that Apple is not done wowing its devotees and fans. 

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