Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Apple TV Review Fore-Thoughts

I decided perhaps I should try my hand at giving a product review. And it just so happens that I've got a brand-new Apple TV all set to go.  It'll take a week or so.  I don't see how people can review anything after spending only a day or two with it.

Let me start by pointing this out.  I got it on Monday, 11/2.  I bought it home along with the controller and it's sitting by my front door.  And since Sunday, I've been watching Sling TV, Amazon Videos, Netflix, and my own iTunes purchases on the current Apple TV I have. 

So, I've had the newly "no longer a hobby" Apple TV for almost 48 hours and have not rushed to open and put it to use.  It says a lot about the old Apple TV as an useful media center and what it is capable of with Airplay and how much better the new Apple TV better be for people to buy and use it as their primary media box for their home.

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