Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apple's $250 Band Would Be A Huge Life Saver (And Quite Profitable)

Motley Fool is not a quite I'd recommend anyone go to for financial information, tips, or eye-opening posts but their fear-mongering post about the Apple Watch has made me decide to write this post, one that has been a long time in coming:  Apple should release a workout band.  Like what Fitbit, Jawbone, and dozens of others have released years before and continue to improve upon. 

First, why $250? You think that is expensive and you're right if this was Fitbit's own workout band.  But this will be Apple's own iOS-linked band to the iPhone ecosystem.  Plus, it'll look pretty good too just as the Apple Watch does.  And yeah, it's an Apple product so it will command a premium. 

The main reason Apple should release it is because it is leaving a ton of money on the table.  Tens of millions of these workout bands are sold annually and an increasingly health-conscious mobile population, Apple has a lot to offer.  Furthermore, sensors on these bands will fit right into Apple's own health care platforms.  It will serve as a halo device to other Apple products as well. 

Furthermore, an Apple band can serve as a remote to the Apple TV (and gaming) or the future Apple car just as I'm certain that the Apple Watch will play a pretty big role on the home as well as the car. 

Timing will be an issue.  Apple will give the Apple Watch ample time to mature and serve as the sole wearable device from Cupertino for another year or so before it launches any band, if it seems fit to do so. 

The question is whether Apple will indeed release an Apple band.  I'm gonna say yes only because Nike gave up its effort on the Nike Fuelband.  And Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, who happened to sit on the Nike board likely has some hand in that.  Perhaps through a collaborative effort, Apple will brind a band to the market with Nike's help.

On top of that, the health features of the Apple Watch is its main and killer feature.  If it did not have that, would anyone buy a watch just for notifications? 

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