Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Netflix - Awesome if Co-Owned by Apple and Disney

Apple and Disney are practically famiiy.  This was made possible when Disney bought Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Pixar.  Relationship between the two companies have been cozy since with Disney being president for Apple's video store on iTunes and Disney CEO, Bob Iger, sitting on Apple's board. So, with Apple struggling into the video streaming market, maybe Apple should buy Netflix with Disney or another studio like Fox as a partner.  Apple buying Beats showed that CEO Tim Cook is not adverse to making a buyout to get what Apple needs. 

As for Disney, it already owns a part of Hulu and have linked to possibly buying the Netflix competitor.  But Disney taking a stake in Netflix makes more sense than buying Hulu because if a deal between Disney and Netflix to produce some Marvel titles (Marvel) has already bear fruit.  Furthermore, Netflix will begin showing Disney movies starting in 2016. 

Disney does not have the financial muscle to do it alone. And this is where Apple comes in with its more than $200 billion just ready to make some major M&A damage. With Apple's financial backing and Disney's Hollywood connection, there is no end to the possibilities what these three juggernauts can come up with for overall entertainment values, not to mention cord-cutting options.  We are talking about local broadcasts, ESPN, Disney channels, and more.

For Apple, it provides a platform that has the influence of a major studio when it comes to negotiating with other studios to provide content or broadcast for its streaming service.  It would allow Apple to get much needed licenses easier and quite possibly with an international reach.

I know, I know.  Just a pipe dream, right?  Well, we are talking about a dream team of sort after all.

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