Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why It Is Worth Waiting For the Next 12" Macbook Update - Graphics Update in the New Intel Skylake

By all accounts, the 11 month-old 12" Retina Macbook is an engineering and design marvel from Apple.  And by most accounts, the Macbook is an adequate computer that performs to the likely of most owners and reviewers.  However, there are more than a few who found the Macbook to be underpowered at times.  How that is the case varies and certain tasks may not have been the intended use from Apple.  Saying that, with this Macbook now in need and likely close to being updated with new Intel chips, the Skylake chips, the best recommendation is to way.  Not just for the new CPU muscles but also the boost in graphics performance.

According to Intel (by way of Macworld), its integrated graphics processors can hold their own against 80% of discrete graphics cards on the market.  This could not have been the case even a couple of years ago.  And Apple likely has an influence on this advance from Intel.  More and more, consumer class PCs require more processing power for not only daily computing needs but where the future of computing is headed.  VR, anyone?  Artificial intelligence? 4K monitors?

And with rich media continuing to be a part of the computing experience, not to mention multi-tasking, more CPU and graphics power would be greatly appreciated.

For gamers, integrated graphic setups from Intel will not work for the most part in that some compromises are demanded from users to not being able to play the games at all.  A much more powerful Macbook Pro with discrete graphics chips from AMD or Nvidia are needed.  Perhaps, even a Windows machines.  But for games that are couple of years or older, it is possible the Macbook can labor through it, albeit, some requires that the settings be lowered.  

Furthermore, there is the likelihood that with the new chips, the Macbook will have a slightly more improved battery life.

The Macbook was introduced in April of 2015. With Apple holding a press event for Apple Watch and the iPad, many hope that Apple would also refresh the Macbook line, including the 12" Macbook.  

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