Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In Light of Samsung's Note 7 Fire Troubles, The Timing of Apple's Suit Against A Counterfeiter Could Not Be More Perfect

Source:  Patently Apple via 9to5Mac.

The title to this post says it all. What we want to get into is why it is important that while come accessories are cheaper when you do not buy directly from Apple, at best, they could create unexpected results on how your Apple devices work and, at worst, pose a danger to you. 

Apple launched a lawsuit against a counterfeiter who sold many cables and chargers on Amazon, declaring them as the genuine items.  And for a steep discount than what you would otherwise have to pay for from Apple, it sounds like a great deal.  Except it is not.

These counterfeit items have not gone through Apple's own standards for safety testing for consumer use.  And there lies in the problem.  Uncertified chargers and cables may be more prone to overheating, catching fire, and shock users.  There are plenty of stories you there you can read if you google - people who decided to go with that $2 charger being sold on the street corner kiosk instead of the genuine stuff.

Apple's own chargers, both the 5W and 12W versions, cost $19 each. On Amazon, ones that look like Apple's own can go as low as half that.  Sure you save 10 bucks but what is the risk to you and your home if that thing melts up or worse?

Apple's lawsuit is also about protecting its brand.  I'm sure you know by now that airlines have banned Samsung's dangerous Galaxy Note 7 and that the consumer electronic giant has stopped all production of the iconic device this year.  Apple's suite against Mobile Star is about making sure its own reputation is not damaged should a bunch of faulty accessories from this company start building down homes and causing a spike in ER visits.

And it's not just on Amazon where many of these products are counterfeited and sold.  I've come across other sites and daily deal e-mails from the likes of Groupon that offer great deals on Apple accessories.  I've never bought them because I do worry about these "too good to be real" deals. 

And you should too.  Safety first above all else.

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