Sunday, April 5, 2020

Tim Cook and Apple Stepping Up: Twenty Million Masks (And Counting) and One Million Face Shields A Week

The Tim Cook led Apple is filling the role of the federal and state governments as the pandemic crisis is weeks from peaking.  Apple has sourced and delivered over twenty million medical masks and just announced today, Apple has delivered face shields to Kaiser and will be delivering up to a million more per week.

As an Apple fan, I cannot help but be proud of this iconic American company.  

I don't know what the cost to Apple is at this point and while I like to say that cost is not the issue here and it's stop the coronavirus pandemic at all cost, Apple definitely has taken the cost into account.  And while it's not much given Apple's bottom-line each day, month, quarter, and year, the good will Apple has built cannot be priced.  No matter what, Apple and other companies and a vast major of us on Main Street believes we will come out of this stronger.  

There have been a void in leadership at the top in the US, other countries, and international health organizations, it's good to see that we have other leader who will step up.

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