Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Santa, I want an I Pad Mini With M3

Dear Santa,

How’s your vacation been? Christmas 2022 was another resounding success. Credit to you and your elves. I know you treat them well and they’re just great wonderful magical creatures paid with union wages, great healthy care, education, and everything.  I don’t blame you for the inventory and inflation issues due to COVID. That’s all on us mortals.

Now, I want to discuss something with you and you will realize that I’m actually doing this for millions of other Apple fans out there. 

I would really appreciate it if you could send a couple of your top elven designers to Apple in Cupertino and design the next iPad mini. 

There was chatter about a year ago that Apple is working on an iPad mini Pro. If this is not true, whoever started this false rumors deserves to be on your naughty list for the rest of time. But if this is true, an iPad mini Pro with Apple’s upcoming M3 chip is exactly what millions of Apple fans and I want. I’ve started 2023 on a very nice track so o thought I send you my iPad min wishlist. 

You gifted me an iPad mini 5 and I’ve been using it since. As you know, I skipped the iPad mini 6 and my current mini works great. I am learning to draw, code, and generally doing more work on the mini which means I would need something more powerful in the coming years. 

On top of this, being able to plug the mini into a monitor to gain professional features currently available pro-level iPads would mean I have a desktop computer as well. The reason for a pro version of the  mini is because Apple likes to differentiate between consumer and professional levels. For example, the iPad Air with M1 does not have Thunderbolt support that the pro iPads have.

It would be great if the mini has Pro features. And to come with these Pro features, I would like to see the upcoming Apple chip, the M3 built on TSMC’s 3nm processor technology. I know Apple likes to use an iPhone chips in iPads but if I think the M-series I’m an iPad mini Pro would be the perfect mobile device for a wide spectrum of mobile users.

I think often people dismiss the smallest iPad as a tablet for consuming contents rather than a real device for content creation or other types of work. I have seem people use them for work - coding, drawing, or office work. It’s awesome to see that people using the mini for such a wide range of productivity-related activities on this small form factor. 

At the top, I had mentioned you sending a couple of your engineers to Apple to help them with the design of this iPad mini Pro. I think there is a bias at Apple regarding small form factors (your elfish engineers will probably be the smallest there at Apple!). Since Tim Cook took over, the iPhone has only gotten bigger and bigger. And when they tried to make iPhones with smaller bodies like the mini, they tried it for two years and discontinued them leaving the iPhone SE as the lone small form factor iPhone. 

Apple is allowing a great opportunity to pass if the next iPad mini is just a simple upgrade with whatever happens to be "last year's chip" and be done with it for the next two years. 

So, what do you say? I've been really good so far this year.

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