Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Will the iPad mini Become Bigger A 9” Screen?

Main Points:

  • Would an iPad mini with a 9” screen still be a mini? And would it still be popular among its supporters?
  • iPad mini is optimized for consuming contends
  • I’ve been using my 2019 mini for productivity as well. For writing, drawing, and light work, it’s fine. When it comes to serious productivity like spreadsheets or coding, you quickly run up against a lot of limitations. 
  • As far as working with the mini, the 9” screen is better than the current 
  • If Apple does go bigger, no idea when it will happen.
  • A bigger iPad mini would allow Apple to accessorize it like all the other iPads in the lineup. The mini is the only without a keyboard case from Apple.
I have 5th generation iPad that was released in 2019. I immediately upgraded from my 4th generation iPad mini when I saw the specs and Apple Pencil support. I have skipped the current mini with the modern form factor with an 8.3” screen. Previously iPad had 7.9” screens. So what happens if Apple decides to increase the iPad mini screen further to about 9”.

Some might argue that a 9” iPad mini would not be a “mini” anymore. Perhaps. However, consider the added benefits and form factor increasing slightly and still continue to be easily handled on just one hand, it still is still a mini. 

Here are the benefits of a 9” mini that I am sure would get many people to upgrade, including myself:
  • More real estate. A bigger screen. Duh. As I have gotten older, my eyes need all the help they get. I read a lot on it. Lots of books, comics, and news. I also watch videos on my mini as well. It’s my go-to device. 
  • Flatter design. Apple can spread out the battery and other components and even upgrade the camera. This helps make the body of a 9” mini thinner while still keeping it very sturdy.
  • If I happen to have a to get some some work done, an added 1” to my screen from my current 7.9” mini screen would make a big different. Remember my eyes? Yours will also appreciate bigger letters and numbers.
  • Apple can make even more money. I’ll get to that later.
Those are the obvious points. I like having an all-in-one device that I can take with me and serve multiple roles. That’s my current mini. For the current IPad mini, with the updated form factor, better ship, and slightly bigger screen, it was not enough of a jump from the 5th generation for me. Slightly bigger screen? Meh. But 9” would serve me very well. The original iPad was 9.7”. However, I will still it mainly as a consumption device. I would rather opt for a possible 12” iPad Pro for prolong and focused productivity sessions as I’ve previously discussed. 

And Apple might want to develop and produce this mini for a few reasons. All of these will be a benefit to Apple’s bottom line and demonstrate that it can still innovate. Apple current 10.2” iPad is no slouch but I would hardly call it a workhorse. And updated 9” mini with modern A-series chip would make people opt to upgrade to the mini even though it will cost more than the iPad. People will figure for paying extra for the updated specs and bigger screen would make sense. And I said more because I am sure Apple will increase the price of the 9” mini by $100 if not more. Still well worth the upgrade for many iPad users.

Another reason for Apple to sell this mini is to allow users to accessorize it. It is the only iPad with a keyboard case. With a bigger body, a keyboard would be easier to type on. When the 8.3” iPad min I came out, I am sure many users were disappointed that Apple did not realize keyboard or Smart Keyboard cases. Well, that’s because it is too small to really type on them. I cannot recall typing any length of email or article on the mini’s keyboard in recent memories. I either dictate or use an internal keyboard and mouse. 

Add all this together, Apple will have found an added revenue screen. Plus, Apple can continue to keep the current iPad mini with the 8.3” screen on the market at the same price or even at a slight discount.

Excited? Yeah, me too. Back to reality. I am just speculating here. I have no idea if Apple is thinking along these lines. Given how long Apple has kep the previous mini with the same screen and form before upgrading to the latest in 2021, if Apple chose to keep it the same for a while, I think a 9” mini could be a long wait for most of us. Still like I said, Apple can still keep the current mini on sale while releasing this 9” iPad mini. Maybe they’ll call it ‘iPad mini Pro”

What do you think? Your credit cards ready? Yeah, I see a lot of you folks with the 8.3” iPad mini set to upgrade as well! 

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