Thursday, October 5, 2023

M3 Macs Unlikely to Warrant A Special Fall Event - Mostly Like Just A Video

The 13.6” Macbook Air with M2 was introduced on June 2, 2022 at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. It was given much attention due to the design change from the previous generations of MacBook Air. It was also a new M2 chip that was not only faster but had some features that were initially available only to the M1 Pro and Max. 

Now, I wonder if we will be getting an October event like the one Apple just held in September for new iPhones and Apple Watches. I am going out on limb here and suggest Apple will not hold a major media event for any new Macs that they might unveil in 2023. There is suggest that Apple might hold back any new Mac refresh until 2024 and allow the 15” MacBook Air just unveiled at this year’s WWDC to hold things over through the Holidays.

I consider myself an eternal optimist, and I'm eagerly anticipating the release of a new Mac, specifically a MacBook with the M3 chip. If my wish comes true, I believe Apple will likely produce a high-quality video showcasing the advancements of the new chip in the new Macs.

There seems to be no strong consensus on what Apple will do for the rest of the year. In previous years, Apple have always indicated when they are finished for the year. I did not get that impression at the conclusion of the iPhone event. If anything, I came away with the belief that Apple will refresh the Mac right before the Holidays.

The question is what exactly will Apple refresh? With the 15” MacBook Air just released four months ago, it does not seem Apple will refresh both the 13.6” and the 15” Airs again even though the 13.6” is more than a year old. Nor will Apple refresh the smaller Air with the M3 while leaving the 15” with an older M2. 

Some have suggested that the iMac which did not get the M2 treatment will see an upgrade. Perhaps, we might even see a bigger iMac. If there is a new MacBook with the M3 chip, I’m going to be first in line for it. My MacBook from 2016 has served me well but issues with the keyboard, battery, and not being able to run the latest software like Xcode are becoming an issue. 

As long as Apple has something for me, I’ll be fine with just a press release. MacBook Pro with M3 - I’ll take it!

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