Sunday, June 30, 2024

Even Before iPhone 16 Creating An Upgrade Super Cycle, iPhone 15 Pro Could Get A Boost Because Of Apple Intelligence

Many on Wall Street are salivating about the upcoming iPhone 16 release creating an upgrade super cycle. I do not think we need to come down the the level of a Wall Street analyst to realize that. However, Apple fans who do need an iPhone now and cannot wait, they likely know that they will need to get the iPhone Pro or Pro Max in order to run Apple Intelligence due out this fall with new features trickling out over the rest of 2024 and into 2025. 

For those who do not know about Apple Intelligence, I am sure salespeople will try to upsell the Pro and Pro Max to potential buyers. I think this could be creating an artifical demand for the iPhone 15 Pro and increase the average selling price of the iPhone for the coming quarter. It is something that Wall Street likes because it means higher margin and revenue. 

Of course, this late in the game, you'll want to wait if you can. In a previous post, I am likely going to keep my current iPhone 13 mini because I love the size and it could take a while for Apple Intelligence to come out of beta. Who knows if I'll get lucky or not and Apple bring back the mini capable of running Apple Intelligence.

I'll be honest here - I have Apple stocks. I don't know for sure how many. When you buy shares of ETF, Apple is likely a part of the fund. Certainly not enough to rich. My fortune depends on the wider market in general. For those who own Apple shares directly, I am happy for you. I like hearing stories about how people have done really well in the market (or whatever endevour they are in). A few years and even now, it's Apple. And the last year or two, it has been Nvidia.

As a curiosity, I am wondering if I am right or not. Here is what I found according to the Web:
  • The average selling price of the iPhone was $918 in the June-September quarter for 2023
  • The ASP for the iPhone for Jan-March of 2024 is $970.
  • The ASP for the iPhone for April-June is expected to be down to $900.
Do not trust these features in making any financial decisions. No one really knows out of Apple. I am curious what the number is going to be for July-September quarter of this year. There may only be a few weeks of the iPhone 16 sales depending on when Apple releases the new iPhones. I am going to make a prediction here and suggest that the number is likely going to be closer what we expect the ASP of the iPhone to be during Christmas quarter - $950.

This is reflective what of I think will happen because Apple Intelligence. People will want to future proof their iPhones for AI and for those who need an iPhone now, Apple has only given them the most expensive option available.

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