Saturday, June 22, 2024

iPhone: Skipping the Most Consequential iPhone Upgrade And Stick With My iPhone 13 mini

 The title of this post says it all. I'm skipping the iPhone 16 capable of handling Apple Intelligence and sticking with my iPhone 13 mini. With the timeline of Apple's development, I can afford to wait until iPhone 17 while hanging on to one of the iPhone form factor Apple has realized in recent years. 

First, when Apple unveils the final version of its OS platforms (MacOS Sequoia, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18) along with the new iPhone 17, some Apple Intelligence features will not be available on day one. Some will not be available until 2025. Will it be January? February? Or closer to the April/May with the next WWDC just around the corner?

I have my MacBook Air to experience Apple Intelligence and I might even get a new iPad that can run Apple Intelligence so I'll be able to keep myself up-to-date on Apple's latest and greatest Apple Intelligence features. Just will not be able to do it on the iPhone.

Of course, it is not just about Apple Intelligence. I really like the size and weight of my iPhone 13 mini. I would be happy to upgrade the mini on an annual basis if Apple had continue to release the smallest iPhone in the lineup. Aside from not having the latest and greatest camera compared to the iPhone Pro, the iPhone mini has. a lot going for it. 

The iPhone mini with its size, weight, power, and battery life all combined for a user experience that is unmatched. My opinion of course. Easily useable with one hand. Can handle any app that the iPhone 16 Pro Max can run. And because it is easier to handle and carry around with me, whether I am on the go or out for a jog, I do not have to worry about dropping it so I do not keep it in a case. And it is much easier to use with one hand.  

I am still holding out hope that the iPhone mini will make some sort of comeback in the future. One that can run Apple Intelligence. Until that day, my mini will be my main daily driver.

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