Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iPhone Owners: Free Wi-Fi at ATT Hotspots Again

According to Gizmodo, folks with iPhone and still use ATT services (not T-Mobile) should be able to access ATT hotspots again, like at Starbucks.

This is terrific news.  And it's about time.  There have a Jekyll-And-Hyde thing going with ATT giving iPhone owners access to hotspots.

Let's hope this time, it sticks.

Also, if you're an iPod Touch owner, and you feel left out, Starbucks offers a couple of hours of free service if you buy coffee or use your Starbucks card.  And also, if you have DSL through ATT, you also get free access to ATT hotspots.

Things are looking good once again.

Via Gizmodo

Note:  G1 owners also get access to T-Mobile's hotspots for free.  Well, it's part of your service.

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