Monday, November 3, 2008

iPhone 3G Perfect With FastMac's Battery Glove

For anyone interested in the iPhone 3G but have been turned off by the battery life.  More specifically, the short battery life, this is the device for you.

Obviously, it's not meant for your pocket or mine.  But since I've migrated to the G1, I've mainly used my iPhone for music, watching video, surfing the web, and blogging to On Apple whenever possible.  So, it's a perfect a device for me to use.  And I think it's perfect for a lot of folks as well.

So, how much more power will it provide your iPhone?  Here are the specs:
  • External Battery Charging Unit
  • Up to 24 Hours of Talk Time
  • Up to 72 Hours of Audio Playback
  • Up to 21 Hours of Video Playback
  • Up to 750 Hours of Stand by Time
  • Flash Light for Emergency Use and Low Light Photos
  • USB Port for Multi-Charging Purposes
  • Lower Dock Connector for Charging
How much is it?  $79.  It is a bit steep but given the amount of untethered power, it's is well worth it.  Alas, until Apple designs an iPhone that allows users to replace the battery, this is the best solution by far.  

I have explored other external battery solutions.  Honestly, they are cheaper solutions.  Cheaper price-wise.  I am sure they work just fine.  But this is the longest talk time, audio and video playback, and stand-by time.  

For someone who spend more and more time on a mobile device, a true mobile warrior, you might want to consider this if you are away from an outlet for more than a day.  It's just not right for something as great as the iPhone to have to be near an oulet after a day of moderate use.  

If I do go with this, I'll provide a review.

Note:  What's missing from their time estimation is actual 3G use with Web surfing or apps that uses 3G heavily.  I'm just estimating here but I think we can get about 15-20 hours of heavy 3G use if you do a lot of e-mail and surfing.  That is excellent.  

Link:  Fastmac

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