Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Macbooks Pull Double Duties

In keeping the white Macbook, we'll call it WMB, Apple has effectively created two lines of Macbooks along with the Aluminum Macbook, AMB.

Why the two?  This is simply beyond making Macbooks more affordable for the general public.  In fact, Apple may now finally have a corporate strategy, if only based on looks.

You may not well go into a client meeting with a WMB but going in there looking fresh with an AMB is definitely a plus.  Furthermore, corporations has already begin to realize the benefits of using Macs in their environment.  But Jobs did something brilliant in going after the corporate market.

How?  Steve Jobs said in the Macbook event, you can buy into the aluminum case, LED screen, and much improved graphics experience for $700 less for the low-end AMB and $400 less for the high-end AMB.  Just like Jobs is asking a lot of the boardroom-friendly Macbook Air, he is doing the same with the AMB.

On the other hand, the WMB will still appeal to consumers and educational buyers.  But let's make no mistake.  the WMB is no slouch.  One is still one of the top laptops on the market.  Apple will sell tons of those.

Apple will continue to push into the educational market.  Apple will still be competing with Dell using the best technology Intel can ship but not with the initial cost of the overhead.  The millions of the WMB Apple has turn out will also allow Apple to lower costs while avoiding sacrificing margins.

It's not the $800 some folks in the Internet thought it was realistic enough to pass around.  And $900 didn't happen either.  But with a lot of online stores offering rebates and bundles, we can be looking to pick up a WMB for closer to $950.

Note:  I am somewhat disappointed Apple has not made wireless broadband connectivity an option.  Perhaps when we see WiMax deployed, we'll see something then.

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