Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Last Thing

Thee are a lot of rumors going around the Internet that we will not see a low end Macbook lower than $999.

I have to say that this is more consistent with Apple's behavior. They have crunched the numbers and this is the optimal scenario for them.

For those who might be disappointed with this news, I am going to throw this out there. The lack of change increases the chance that there is a better chance of "one more thing..."

Why do I think that? Consider this. Folks are now expecting what we already know. Nothing new will be offered, or so we think. We'll know in a few hours.

The word is that the some portable Macs will not be upgraded and the eventual upgrade may happen at Macworld. So this leaves Jobs something to talk about at Macworld and today to dazzle us with something totally new.

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