Friday, November 21, 2008

Apple Is Not Scared of Storm

I'm sure Apple is always looking ahead but may be concerned whenever someone tugs at you trying to pass you.  But for CNet to say that Apple is scared, it's going a bit far.

There is definitely a lot to like about the Storm.  Here's a few that CNet listed that I agree:

  • cut-and-paste - but by all accounts, it's not implemented with much grace.  But Storm has it and the iPhone don't.
  • removable battery - I have an issue with this one.
  • tethering - ATT said it's coming.  
  • memory - I like the expansion slot.  
Now, I have some issues with how CNet spun it.  First, the battery.  I totally agree.  110% that the iPhone needs an user-replaceable battery.  One of two things has to happen.  Either the battery becomes user-replaceable or that Apple or the chip makers find a way to extend battery power by a lot.  Personally, I don't see that happen.  

Now, memory.  Please.  Totally ignore the fact that Apple has onboard storage.  So far as I know, only Nokia's N-series has similar storage capacity.  Now, would I like to have an additional memory slot.  You bet.  But it's not coming and the Storm has 1GB.  You'll need to put out additional $$$ for more memory yourself.  

Now, the clickable screen is pretty nice.  If I'm apple, I might be concerned about that.  But having used the G1 for a bit now and the iPhone's touchscreen keyboard, I don't care one way or another.  In fact, I'm able to lightly touch the iPhone's screen, thereby alleviating any kind of pressure I need to put on my hands and fingers.  Buttons or no buttons.  Clicking or no clicking.  It's a personal preference that the two camps will argue that till the end of time.  It's like Apple's one-button mouse thing that never dies. People grip about it but still buy Macs because they like the Mac as a whole.  And if they wanted a two-button mouse, they go and get one.  

You know, CNet has some good posts and articles but sometimes, they just come out of nowhere with something like this.  It's no wonder they're losing their traditional readers.  Seriously, Apple releasing an update on the day Storm goes on sale?  The writer is SO ready for the weekend.  

Now, to be fair, the article did point out something about the iPhone.  It's short-comings.  Well, for cynics and conspiracy theorists, it's Apple of adding features a little at a time to get people to upgrade.  Possible.  Or it could be that coming out with a mobile device and supporting a whole new platform is harder than it looks and Apple is just taking it one step at a time.  I think it's a little of both.  Look at MobileMe.  

With that said, go read it and see if you agree with CNet that Apple is scared of a storm.  

Source:  CNet 

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