Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ads Targeting iPhone Users Booming

Ads for mobile devices in general are booming.  But ads specifically targeting iPhone and iPod Touch users are growing even more.

According to Silicon, iPhone specific ads more than doubled in October from the previous month.  236 Million in October from 103 million in September.  That is like due to the massive increase in iPhone user-base now numbering over 10 million, and will likely increase to 16 million by the end of the year (not to mention the millions more in iPod Touch owners).

Here are some quick facts:

  • The iPhone ads account for 4.1% of AdMob Network's ads requested.  37% Of requests came from the US, 17% Europe, 8% Asia.  Asian requests will likely increase as Taiwan start to get their iPhones at the end of the year.  China will likely follow in 2009.
  • AdMob accounted for 5.8 billion ads, growth of nearly 14% - we think that will increase as more smartphones like Storm, Windows Mobile devices, and iPhones get into user hands.  That will drive up demand for ads as users use their smartphones and mobile devices to surf the Internet.
  • Mobile advertising will increase to $19 billion a year by 2011 cared to $3 billion last year.

So for mobile warriors who are interested in providing mobile contents, know that the opportunity is there for you.  Something to consider in the current economic slowdown if you want to make extra cash.

Source:  Silicon

Note:  I'm going to be surprised if the iPhone ad requests doesn't increase even more as more folks use it to browse the Internet.  Also, I wonder how much ads are being provided for games. 

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