Wednesday, November 19, 2008

iPod Touch Will Have A Mic

The current generation of the iPod Touch has been greatly improved.  Lower prices.  Updated OS.  It even has a stealthy way that will eventually allow users to use the Touches with VOIP via the mic headset (please, let no one buy the "voice recorder" feature. 

And eventually, the iPod Touch will gain a mic as well.  Why do I think that?  Well, it doesn't make sense that you are forced to use a headset every time you want to make "a recording" (or a call).  And it would make sense to be able to use apps that require a mic but won't work well with a headset.

What game or app needs a mic?  I'm glad you ask. 

The app is Ocarina.  It turns the iPhone into a something like a flute.  I nearly missed work this morning after spending hours last night blowing into my iPhone (that didn't come out well, did it?).  Anyway, I'm pretty good with Amazing Grace now. 

The millions of iPod Touch users would be missing out on such apps.  In fact, we may safely go a step further and say that the iPod Touch will eventually gain parity with the iPhone.

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