Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Apple's Answer to $500 Junk and Netbooks

There is a flurry of new Apple speculations with the Internet going wild as one blogger or analyst talked about the CPU that will like going into the coming netbook from Apple.

I don't know what it'll look like, what it can do, or what CPU will be powering it.  Suffice to say, Atom chips, from Intel and powers the millions of netbooks in the market, will not make it into Apple's answer to the netbook.

So, let's go this new exciting (potentially revolutionary) mobile device called Access.  I wanted to call it iLife but then you'll asking isn't a suit of Apple applications called iLife?  So, Access it is.  Access because of the following reasons:
  • Fully integrated with iLife version running on the OS X.
  • Fully integrated with MobileMe.
  • With Wi-Fi access and may be offered with 3G access from ATT.  Now, it is also entirely possible this may be subsidized later on.  It's is also entirely possible we may see LTE, WiMax, white spaces versions.  Steve Jobs has indicated in recent memories that Apple should learn from Microsoft in forming alliances and partnerships.  
  • This will help Apple sell more mobile devices, introduce more people to OS X, sell more Macs.
  • This would go for $500. 
And how will Apple make something insanely-great at this price point without turning Access into another piece of $500 junk?  Stay tuned.  I've got more idle speculations to offer on that point.   And it's only Apple who will be able to pull it off.

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