Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Time

I finally pulled the trigger.  I stopped thinking and acted on it.

I got a new Macbook.  Which one?  Just the Macbook or the Macbook Pro?  Or the Air?  I will say this right now.  I like the Air or MBA to some.

However, I don't like the fact that the battery isn't user-replaceable.  At least, not without a screwdriver.  Also, 1.86Ghz is okay with the new Nvidia GPU but I think I want to go with something faster.

So, that leave the MB or the MBP.  I currently have a 15" Powerbook (1st gen Mac Mini, a power horse by the way, and MacWind), but I didn't think it was as portable as I like.  Coming in at 5.5 lbs, it a bit hefty when I've got keys, G1, a notebook, and miscellaneous items in my backpack, it can come out a bit heavy.

On the other hand, the new MBP has a dedicated GPU.  And it can come in handy for games.  More importantly, it is future-proof when Snow Leopard comes out and OpenCL is implemented and prevalent (that is my hope) in many day-to-day applications and tasks.  Plus, the MBP chips have 6MB of cache.  In my book, it's a very good upgrade from what I've been using the last few years.

And so is the Macbook.  I like to think of the new unibody Macbook as Macbook Pro Lite rather than a regular Macbook.  The white Macbook, now that's a regular Macbook that we've known for the last few years.  But it has some compromises that I not willing to work with.   The unibody Macbook with the new Nvidia 9400M, it has four to five times more graphics muscle, making it a convincing alternative to folks who want more portability without too much compromises.

The new unibody Macbook with its more robust features is no accident.  And it's meant for someone like me.  I don't know if it's future-proof with its integrated graphics processor.  However, it's lighter at 4.5 lbs, LED screen, and its memory is expandable to 4GB.

Now, the CPU is no upgradable.  No Apple laptop has had an upgradable CPU since the Powerbook 1400 series.  So, what did I go with?

A mini review will be forthcoming as well as come game specs.  It's what the 9400M is for, isn't it?

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