Friday, January 16, 2009

500 Million Apps Downloaded From App Store

It's official.  iLounge reports 500 million apps have been downloaded from Apple's app store.
This is incredible.  Also incredible is that there are now 15,000 apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  That right folks.  These numbers are big.  When the app store debutted back in July of 2008, there were only 500 apps.  

Here's a bit of the breakdown in reaching this remarkable half a billion downloads:
  • Six weeks prior to December 5, iPhone and iPod Touch users have downloaded 200 million apps.
  • On december 5, Apple announced 300 million apps were downloaded.
  • In a merely 42 days, another 200 million apps were downloaded to reach half a billion.  That's 500 million downloads in all.
  • 15,000 apps available for download.
Any bets on when we reach 1 billion?

Source:  iLounge, Apple (need to go see it now before it goes away)

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