Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Macbook Pro More Expensive?

According to Business Week, that is indeed the case.

I guess hits are needed at BW in light of the deep recession that we're in.

Honestly, these kinds of comparison posts are a weekly ritual.  However, it usually isn't a staple for mainstream print media.  Of course, it was mainstream media that did brushed aside blogs as true news sites (which I happen to agree - for some sites, such as the one you're reading now) but since they recognize blogs are an important part of reaching out to readers, they quickly learn that blogs are ways to sustain business.  

Hence, BW's trashy post about MBP being more expensive. Never mind that the Macbook Pro they're coming has a newer chipset, never mind that Dell's machine uses a much older video card, never mind that it's Vista on the Dell and not OS X, never mind that MBP can come down to the level of Vista and wash away any after taste after booting back into OS X.  

Interestingly, BW made a point about economic pressure forcing Dell and other Windows laptop makers lower prices to compete.  Apple simply didn't find any need to do it.  BW should blog about why that is.

Macbook costs more up front.  So what?  

Source:  BW

Note:  Apple just had a blow out quarter.  More than 2.5 million Macs sold.  9% Increase while the industry as a whole shrank.  My fellow Mac mobile warriors, please go to BW's link.  They need your clicks so they can hire quality bloggers and journalists who won't drop the ball and let the future financial crises sneak up on us again.

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