Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MacRumors Sighed Potential New iPhone

I love rumors but I don't write about them. Why is why you are wondering why I'm getting this from MacRumors of all places.

Well, MR likes to delight us with rumors but they also provide news as well. And this is more news than rumors.

According to this post, MacRumors has found evidence in the iPhone's firmware (I'm guessing it's the 2.2.1 that was just released). What is it?

Well, it's not like Apple wrote "iPhone 2009" or anything like that. It's the iPhone code designation, "iPhone2,1". It's not a designation Apple simply use to upgrade capacity between models. The original iPhone was "iPhone1,1" and the iPhone 3G is "iPhone1,2".

How does Macrumors know for sure? Well, they point to how Apple labeled the original iPod Touch and the current generation iPod Touch. Well, not iron-clad but very convincing.

Less certain proof is a new iPhone is instored is a developer who has seen it used via logs from an ad company.

But you're saying "dude, we know it's coming. Nothing new year". I know that but there's a couple of reasons why I'm posting about it. Three reasons.
  • I'm very excited. If it's in the current firmware, it may mean the new iPhone is closer to release than the June or July time frame that I think a lot of folks believe.
  • You're going to hear a lot of rumors that may be triggered because of this Macrumors posting. I will enjoy reading them as much as the next iPhone fan. But just keep in mind they're rumors.
  • The 3rd generation of iPhone (as opposed to "iPhone 3G") is coming. Months away.
If you need (want) an iPhone now, today, tomorrow, or next month is just as good as any to get the iPhone 3G. There is no need to way. You won't be disappointed with the current iPhone. The soon you get it, the happier you'll be. I picked up the 16GB iPhone three months before Apple released the iPhone 3G. I don't regret it one sec.

But it is late January. Maybe Apple will release the next iPhone early. Maybe not. Personally, I'm in the "maybe not" camp. If Apple follows their late June pattern, you're a good half year away.

Can you really deny yourself the coolness of the iPhone for another whole half year? If you can, you're a better person than I am!

Source: Macrumors

Note: I'll be honest. Whether I upgrade to the next iPhone will largely depend on the battery life. If Apple implements the new battery technology they're using in the 17" Macbook Pro, maybe they can greatly increase the battery life of the next iPhone. I've seen them all and I'm using the G1 right now. The iPhone 3G has a slightly better battery life than the G1 which isn't saying much.

Another note: The iPhone 3G has already been available in the US for 6 months. Everywhere else, it's only been a couple of months. Taiwan got theirs a month ago. I don't think Apple will want to upset folks who just got their iPhones for a couple of months only to see Apple come out with newer models.

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