Sunday, February 1, 2009

Macbooks (Pro) at UFC

I was at a friend's house last night watching the pay-per-view UFC.  It was my second UFC party.  I had a good time.  Pizza, chicken, drinks (soda, smoothies, Gatorade - I don't drink).  Bunch of guys getting together to have fun.  

It was when I was in the kitchen looking at everyone and I realized how mobile tech has permeated through a lot of our lives.  Laptops (a couple of Macbooks and Macwinds) dotted the living room while smartphones orbited them.  

Folks were connected to my friend's Wi-Fi network surfing the web - Facebook, news, UFC updates.  There were texting, twittering, and emails flying back and forth.  But of course there was the main event.

The UFC fight.  None of that distracted from what we were doing - watching some great fights.  I honestly don't care too much for it.  We could be hang out to watch a couple of DVDs and I would be fine with that.  It was about hanging out.

It was when I was paying attention to a few of the fights that Dave the Warrior (a Mac convert) pointed out to the laptops the UFC folks were using to keep track of God knows what for the sport.


Macs.  Specifically, Macbooks.  I saw a couple of the old Black Macbooks.  A white one.  The rest were Macbook Pros.  I'm guess they're the 15" models.  The fights were being ran with Apple's mobile platform!

I'm sitting here watch the Superbowl pregame show now.  Keith Olbermann is on the field, Costas is in the booth and they're making predictions.  Makes me wonder what platform is being used to run the Superbowl.
(Source:  UFC) You can see a lot of Macbooks being used.

Note:  Would it be awesome if Apple surprises us with another Superbowl commercial?  This time the Apple tablet or new MacHybrid!  "Mac:  Why 1984 didn't turn out like 1984".

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