Monday, February 2, 2009

iPhone Game Thoughts: Duck Hunt and Footbal

Macworld reports that Apple pulled Duck Hunt from the app store at Nintendo's request.  Frankly, I'm very surprised by how long it took for Nintendo to make this request.

However, the developer will provide an updated version without infringing on Nintendo's copyright - meaning removing the graphics and music.

Now, sports games.  Today, Macworld wrote an article about football games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I thought "wow, how could I have missed those games completely".  I have been complaining about the lack of sports games.

Well, it turned out it's not real football like what we see on the DS or PSP.  No Madden.  Still, it's a great post that I recommend readers head over to read.  Instead of real football, it's finger football or paper football.  Basically, you flick something between a graphical pair of hands set up to look like the goal post to see if you can make the "field goal".

There's a game called "X's And O's" but I hesitate to call it a real football game.

So far, Real Soccer 2009 is the only sports game that is true to being what the specific sport is about.  But for developers out there looking to get into the app store where there isn't a lot of competition, sports games like football, baseball, hockey, and basketball are nonexistent and will millions of iPhone users who are also sports fans, you can probably charge a pretty dollar to get us to purchase and download the games.

Think about it.  We're waiting.

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