Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost iPhone

It hurts when  you read the title of this post, doesn't it?  Well, I had to hear it directly from an acquaitance.  To make the story short, it was really his fault for putting himself in that situation.  I won't get into that.

He called me up and asked what I know about lost iPhones.  Well, there were a few cases like this on the Web so we kind of have something to go on.  The guy lives in Taiwan so I'm not sure how the subscriber-provider-Apple relation is like.  To my knowledge, they don't even have an Apple store.

I'll keep you updated on developments.  I've asked him to make sure he did in fact register with Apple or his provider and give them a call and provide them with the IMEI number and serial number.  The hope is that someone will log on with it and they'll be able to track the thief down.

Any tip will be appreciate by the iPhone mobile warrior community at large.

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