Friday, February 13, 2009

Apple Should Buy Game Studies

With almost $30 billion in the back, this is what I would recommend ot Apple:  buy Sega.  What do you think?

Yesterday, Cook was quoted as saying Apple has $16 billion more than they really need to run Apple effectively.  So, why not get into the gaming business with $3 billion cash?  It's about a quarter of work given the cash flow that Apple was able to put in the bank last quarter. 

With exclusives from Sega for Apple TV, the iPhone platforms, and Macs, it stands to reason that Apple has a much better chance to really rock with gamers.  Outside of Nintendo, Sega, a former gaming hardware powerhouse, has been know to a great innovator in games and hardware.  Before Nintendo came out with the Wii, a lot of folks thought Apple should go in take Nintendo off the market.  I think the same can be said of Sega.

Plus, Sega has a brand that is known throughout the world.  Sure, Sega can still develop for other platforms but with Sega games in its profolio, it stands to reason that this will give gamers a reason to think that Apple is serious about their needs. 

And with Apple, Sega truly has someone with deep pockets, established platforms, and the management to really grow and innovate.  Who wouldn't want to see a Sega-powered Apple TV?  And is anyone really naive to believe that Apple's hobby won't one day include gaming?  With Sega gaming out of the block, it'll really bring Macs and Apple TV up another level.

And have anyone noticed that Apple has only a couple of apps for the iPhone?  One is the remote and another is a Keynote app.  No games.  Sega can correctly that easily.

Here are a few properties that Sega will bring to the iPhone and Mac:
  • Sonic and buddies - obviously - with this, you've got the classic games.  And how about creating a reality world?  Parents, kids, and big kids (like myself) will love that!
  • Total War series
  • RPGs and MMOs -Phantasy Star series
  • Sega Rally
  • Sports games
  • Ecco - live to see the little guy back on the iPhone. 
And while Sega has a lot to offer Apple, don't think Apple doesn't have a thing or two to teach Sega.  I think this can work to be beneficial for both companies.  Plus, geographically, this will offer Apple an in with the Japanese market as far as marketing Apple consumer gears to Sega's home market.  Once you start putting Sega in Apple stores in Japan, you can potentially attract a lot of folks who normally have no need to visit Apple stores. 

There are other studioes that Apple can potential pick up without breaking a sweat.  EA, Take-Out, Konami just to name a few but Sega is the big one.  Maybe with the other studios, Apple can throw some money out there and get gaming development going for the Mac and iPhone.  From the look of things, they eventually will do that (and have) but it stands that Apple can nudge things along to speed up the process.

Note: Right now, it's looks pretty pathetic that Sega has only one game for the iPhone considering how heavily Apple promoted Sega's role and iPhone gaming.

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