Monday, February 16, 2009

Dataviz Taking Sign-ins For Documents-To-Go For iPhone

MacNN is reporting that Dataviz is readying its flagship product, Documents-To-Go, for the iPhone.  For folks who don't know about Dataviz, DTG is an application that a lot of Palm users are familiar with.  It's compatible with Microsoft Office data formats and allows users to create and edit documents on the go.

Since the iPhone came out, there has been no office suite app for the iPhone.  We have different spreadsheet editors and word processors but nothing as unifying as DTG.  Perhaps one of the main reason is the lack of copy-and-paste function.  And yes, DTG for the iPhone will have copy-and-paste.

Just last week, Google enabled spreadsheet editing for Google Docs for Webkit browsers.  So, for iPhone mobile warriors who need (want) to work on the go, the time is near.

Please visit the following links for more details and pics.  Personally, I had hoped that iWork for iPhone would be available but from what I see, DTG is pretty cool and badly needed.
You can sign in for notification here.  There's no word if this is for the beta or when it's finally in the app store.

Note:  You can bet this app won't be $0.99.  

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