Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No LTE For iPhone Until 2011

Assuming that Apple keeps the iPhone exclusively on ATT through 2012 as some have predicted, we are not looking at the iPhone gaining LTE wireless service (next generation wireless) until 2011. 

Cult of Mac reports that ATT has said trials will begin in 2010 but no rollout until 2011.  So, what is an iPhone user to do?  Wait?  Upgrade now?  

Actually now is the best time since a two-year contract will take  you through 2011.  Sure, it's mid-Feb now so you'll want to wait until June for the next iPhone revision.  Although, I did get my 16GB iPhone last Feb and loved every bit about it.

Personally, 3G is quite good and I'm more interested in what new apps and features Apple is likely to impress us with than extra speed we get.  3G over Edge is already pretty good for now. 

It's always the UI, OS, features, and designs that has put the iPhone head, should, and body above everything else on the market.  

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