Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0

Wow...a whole lot of nothing but there still was a "wow" factor. Well, first. A lot of the features we expect a modern mobile platform should have. Cut and paste. Some sort of background processes. File transfer (wireless or otherwise). Took a while for us to get them (officially, we still don't have access to them).

But that never came with the original iPhone. Nor did they come with iPhone 3G. So today's presentation of the iPhone 3.0 is really a lot of catching up.

At the same time, we were shown today of the potential of the iPhone platform because of Apple's unique perspective on mobile computing, attention to details, and design. For example, the new video player can distinguish between bandwidth connection to allow the content provider to deliver the best media for the user. It's personal touch and attention that has made iPhone and the iPod Touch so unique as a platform.

Instead of creating a mobile platform from a smartphone, Apple has created a mobile computing, and now gaming, platform from the ground up.

I'm sure a lot of what we were shown today, as far as the demos highlighted today are concerned, is only a small part of what developers will be able to bring to the market in the next few months. Summer is when iPhone 3.0 will be available. Imagine another three months after that, in six months, we will see incredible new apps and accessories that take advantage of the new features.

In fact, I am sure we'll see cool accessories when the next iPhone is launched.

The next couple of months is going to be very exciting. There will be a lot of rumors. Hopefully, we'll hear traditional iPod and iPhone accessory makers come out and make announcements on what they've got planned. I'm sure folks will be able to come up with more than just bluetooth speakers and glucose monitors.

Note: These are just random thoughts - still working through the features and possibilities. As I've said above, Apple gave us features that should have came with the original iPhone (this proves that we were all willing and paying beta testers) but they did dumped quite a bit on us today.

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