Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preview of Apple's Preview of iPhone 3.0

We are less than 48 hours away from Apple's planned event to preview iPhone 3.0 to the media and bloggers at large. So, what are we expecting?

Honestly, there is no way to know with certainty. There are tons of rumors on the Internet and I'll let you sort those out yourselves. And anyone out there claiming to know what's going on is pulling a Jim Cramer.

What you're likely to read about iPhone 3.0, usually more than 12 hours out, are rumors and, likely, wish lists of what people to see in iPhone 3.0. Here's the problem. I want everything that I can imagine in iPhone 3.0. Everyone wants that. Every blogger, every iPhone user, and every Apple fan.

But that's not going to happen. One reason is a lot of features take time to develop, test, and deploy. Two, Apple isn't going to give us features unless it's critical to the success of the iPhone. And even with the complaints about certain lack of features (voice dialing and cut/paste quickly times to mind), the iPhone is still wildly successful.

So, let's be realistic on Tuesday (March 17) morning. I'm going to offer you a bit on how this is going to go down based on past iPhone events.
  • iPhone Intro - how cool the iPhone is and generally the acceptance.
  • We probably won't get iPhone sales numbers but we might get app downloads. One billion, anyone?
  • Next we'll see the new features in iPhone 3.0. I can surmise what they might be but the features are no different from the wishlists from the other bloggers and tech journalists.
  • We might also see different companies get shout-outs and get highlighted to come on stage to show how they've implemented the new features.
  • We might get some geek talk on the underlying changes to the iPhone 3.0 and as it is related to Snow Leopard. This is something I am interested in. In particular, I would like to hear something new on battery efficiency.
  • Then the new Apple CEO will come on stage and give us the new iPhone. Okay. Sorry. Scratch this one.
Now, my wish list:
  • Cut And Paste
  • Background app
  • IM integration - folks do a lot of messaging. I really would like to see IM given an "always on" status with option to turn it off. Twitter integration would be terrific.
  • Notification - stocks, weather, headlines, e-mails, mesages.
  • Better use of the bar at the top of the screen. There is space for weather or stock updates.
  • Additional MobileMe features.
So there you have it. The main focus I want from Apple on Tuesday is a focus on mobile life and computing beyond simple granting features and updates. Of all the products that Apple has truly come out with and improve to everyone's appreciate over the years is iLife. MobileMe was suppose to be that but we know how that has been. Let's hope Apple provides us with a mobile vision much like what Google is trying to develop.

iPhone integration with the Mac, MobileMe, and iTunes is great but Apple mobile warriors want more. Give us iMobile Life.

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