Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Is Why Rumors Are So Bad (But Delicious)

Apple rumors are like junk food. We all love it and it's so good when you're eating it. And so addictive. Well, that's what Apple rumors are like. While Apple rumors don't do any bodily harm, it hurts folks on other ways. Stock manipulation. Earnings.

This is why I don't traffic them but I do read them. Maybe that's the problem. We read them and some (not all) bloggers are willing to believe their "sources" just to feed us.

Now, the hottest rumor going around is by Boy Genius Report (sorry, you'll have to find the link yourself). A lot of it are simply stuff we already know based on past Apple launch schedules. June or July is when we'll see the next iPhone. We know that much. It's what else BGR spiced up their post with that has traveled around the world many times over by now.
  • Slide-out keyboard - let's start with the most plausible of the two implausible rumors. It may happen as I've noted before that Apple may come out with just such a device to satisfy power users unwilling or unable to type on a screen keyboard. Such an iPhone device exists. As prototypes. As for these QWERTY iPhones actually becoming a product is highly improbable.
  • $99 netbook - no freaking way. BGR states that it won't run Windows. However, it was purposely vague about it. I've long advocated and expected wireless providers to subsidize laptops or netbooks with wireless plans and this is likely another step in that direction, san an Apple netbook. We've said it before: Apple's answer to the netbook won't be just another netbook.
I wouldn't say that BGR has a bad track record. It has been right on more counts than most. It's just that it is willing to be fantastic with its posts when it should be able to sense BS when it sees it. Still, I'm an Apple rumor junkie.

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