Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apple Macbook Refreshes

We're winding down April of 2009. Boy, the year has gone by fast. 6 more months until Halloween (I missed last year's decorations), 7 till Thanksgiving, and 8 till Christmas (I also missed this year's decoration).

And if tradition holds, it'll be about 5-6 months until Apple give the Macbook and the iPod lines a major upgrade. So what's a mobile fan to do?

Buy iPods. Hold on the iPhones. Buy on all of the Apple laptops if you need one today or on the next couple of weeks. However, if you don't need one right away, and you're interested in either the Macbook, Macbook, 15" Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air, hold until May or June when Apple is likely to provide minor changes to those Macbooks to keep the interest high.

The 17" Macbook Pro isn't like to receive any profound changes. We might see a speed bump but that's about it. Sales appear to be strong. However, if there are changes, this is what we'll likely see:
  • minor speed bumps
  • changes to software in preparation for Snow Leopard
There are possible changes but I'm not so sure about. And this is why I recommend holding for about six weeks if you don't need a new laptop right away:
  • Macbook Air change to bring it into line with the look and feel of its siblings. Black frame around the screen and all. Maybe adopt the new battery technology from the 17" Macbook Pro.
  • Changes to the battery. The 15" Macbook Pro might join also get the new battery technology.
  • More memory for the video card.
  • Bigger hard drive.
  • Price drop for SSD upgrade.
  • Price drop for some upgrade options like memory. It is one of the worst recessions we're experiencing at the moment.
The Macbook is the most unlikely to receive any kind of hardware upgrade. For mobile warriors, timing is going to be the main issue for you. And whether you get it today or six weeks from now, the value is pretty much the same. Great notebook all around, unless you believe what Redmond says. And no matter when you get your Appleware, Microsoft thinks you're cool and awesome!

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