Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Game Developers

We're fans of mobile technology, its way of life, and we are also gamers. And we're writing you this letter because we want to let you know what the mobile warriors Onxo represent, the ones who also like to play games on their Blackberries, G1s, and iPhones, and others, want from you.
Traditionally, you develop for the Nintendo's DS (now DSi) and Sony's PSP. Both great platforms. Millions of fans. Including a lot of us by the way. You've given us hours of fun and, in turn, we've made you rich (billions in capitalization). And over the years, we've grown together.
Now, there is a tech evolution going on with smartphones and mobile devices that are capable of a lot of computing and graphic crunching powers. And increasingly, folks are playing games on them. This is very evident with the iPhone platform where games dominate the app store. Apple recently released a list of top downloaded apps. Wanna guess what kind they are? Games. All games.
So, going forward, we like you to consider this when you develop games for us. Give us quality games. Don't short change us. Here are some pointers to start you off with:
  • What you give the platformers, we want it too. EA, let's use you as an example. Spore is pretty good on the iPhone. But we would love the depth you've given for the DS version. It got boring after a while. Still a great game and I go back to it often enough. Depth.
  • Don't use your flagship names to sell watered down games. Here's why. A lot of mobile users are new to the gaming scene and may for the first time be introduced to your titles. And with a dumbed down game like Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone, it makes the whole franchise look bad. Needless to say, the game got a little boring for us.
  • Charge us more. If it's a great game, we'll pay for it. Honest. One of you give it a try. You'll see.
  • But don't rob us either. Digital distribution is nothing like having to deal with the packaging, memory chips, plastic covers, and printing. There was a rumor going around that Apple might offer a premium gaming section. It's not happen. Make compelling games and we'll buy them.
  • Releases. Simultaneous releases would go a long way in tell the mobile warriors I represent that you care. And in turn, you'll have earned our respect.
  • Be innovative. Some smartphones have buttons. That makes it easier for you. But like the iPhone where there are no button, it might drive you a little crazy. Well, that doesn't seem to stop the two-man teams from coming out with great schemes for controls.
Listen, take it from Gameloft. They're developing more and more sophisticated games and they're making tons of money. I know you can do it. A lot of your developers are mobile gaming fans just like us - so set them free!  The mobile market is ripe for rich, sophisticated, and fun mobile games.  
Soon, there will be like, you know, a lot of different app stores. Build good games for them and the sky'll be the limit.  That means "$$$$$".
PS. Keep up the good (generally) work on the DSi and PSP. And really wow us with the stuff you've got cooking for DS2 and the PSP2 when the time comes (later in 2009).

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