Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tracking Apple's Gaming Progress

There has been a plethora of articles and blogging posts (line continues to be blurred between the two) about Apple's iPhone platform and the inways its made in the mobile gaming market.

Personally, I think the final ruling is a bit further out.  Two or three years.  Still, there has been quite a bit of attention, including our own blogs (Onxo and here) about mobile gaming in general and how iPhones and iPod Touches can benefit as more mobile warriors use it beyond playing music, making calls, and surfing the Web.

I have to say that 90% of all my apps, both paid and free, are games.  They range from $1 and up.  And you know what?  During that time, I've not touched my other gaming gears.  And this isn't just coming from me.  Others have also noted this change. 

Perhaps it's time for me to make a declaration about Apple's gaming but honestly it really is too early to say.  Nintendo and Sony have yet to respond to the app store in any meaningful way.  And let's not forget that on the smartphone and mobile device markets, there are others like RIM, WM, and Android that can still come out of nowhere and make a meaningful move in the mobile gaming market (though not likely).

So, this is what we're gonna do.  We'll put together a list of articles on iPhone gaming as they come out.  We'll track them and see where we are with each article.  An iPhone gaming platform progress report that can give everyone an idea how Apple is faring in DS-PSP land. 

Here's the first one from NY Times.  "Electronic Playground" is what the Times is call Apple's mobile platform.  It's a must read as it details Apple's attempt at transforming mobile gaming and how DS and PSP is different from the iPhone.

The main issue the author has with the iPhone is very valid and one that I've been crying about to anyone who'll listen:  battery life.  Boy, crummy is crummy and the iPod Touch and iPhone really really short battery life.   

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