Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WSJ On "Preview" Version of Quickoffice

WSJ does a pretty good tech segment.  For those of you who have full access, you can attest to this fact.  Here's one where Quickoffice for the iPhone was semi-reviewed.  So let's get into it.  Two years into the iPhone's product cycle, Quickoffice is the first full-blown office suite. 

For folks who use Palms and Blackberries for work, you might be familiar with the app.  Quickoffice's arrival couldn't have come at a better time as more and more businesses are opening up to the idea of adopting the iPhone into their rank of tech gears.  How does it stack up?

When I first heard about Quickoffice, I was puzzled why they didn't simply wait until iPhone 3.0 is out so that it can take advantage of the new features.  Regardless, it is out and WSJ's post on the app has allowed me to save $20 until a more robust version is out.  So, what did WSJ's reviewer like or dislike about it?
  • Liked the cut-and-paste.  However, this isn't iPhone 3.0's implementation.
  • Able to save files locally.  Able to retreive or send files from a PC, Mac, or online storage.
  • Has an e-mailing function.
  • Unable to open attachments from Mail.  An OS limitation.  Not Quickoffice's fault.
  • No spell check.
  • No autocorrection.
  • Landscape editing limited to word processor.
  • Unable to happen Microsoft's newer file format.
WSJ think it's an "OK" start but needs work.  I think it's a great start just to have Quickoffice available.  There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done before the iPhone version is as robust as other Quickoffice versions.  In fact, it would do the iPhone owners great service by incorporating some iPhone specific features like multi-touch.

Source:  WSJ

Note:  Speaking of the Wall Street Journal, there is also a WSJ app in the iTunes App Store.  It's free to download and you have full access to the paper.  Free for now.  Reportedly, RM isn't happy with that so access to WSJ may not be free for much longer.

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