Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Apple Expands iPhones For New Carriers In Canada?

Via MacDailyNews, Toronto Star is reporting Bell Canada Inc and Telus Corp have been collaborating on creating their own GSM network to the tune of $1 billion to entice Apple to let them carry the iPhone.

According, the report, launch is expected this fall and the two Canadian wireless providers will be paying huge sums to Apple for the honor.  Previously, It was only Rogers that carried the iPhone, allowing it to pretty much have its way with iPhone customers with sky-high rates.

So, competition is good.  But I wonder if there are additional implications for folks in the US.  There has been no work of Verizon Wireless building a GSM network on top of its CDMA network.  But there are other GSM competitors to ATT in the United States.

T-Mobile, I'm looking at you.  Previously, I had stated the possibility of Apple punishing ATT for not keeping up its end of the partnership by launching the iPhone with T-Mobile.  Well, it's not really possibility but more like wishful thinking on my part.

My reasons are simple.  Apple has worked with T-Mobile's parent company in bring the iPhone 3G to the EU zone.  So, I'm sure if Apple kind of threw it out there, T-Mobile would jump at the chance.  Plus, it'll be a huge negotiation play with ATT on future deals.

Honestly, don't be surprise if this were to happen.  Steve Jobs just got a new liver.  A new lease on life and perhaps a new perspective on the competitive mobile landscape.  If Apple were to bring just the iPhone 3G at $149-199, there would be a lot of folks who detest ATT but don't mind making the switch to T-Mobile from Sprint or Verizon Wireless.

Yes, that is a $50-100 premium over the offer from ATT's iPhone 3G but folks wouldn't have to deal with ATT.

Plus, it makes sense for Apple to do this now that Palm's Pre is deemed a close competitors to the iPhone, Android's potential rise in the 2nd half of 2009, new offerings from RIM, and Microsoft's mobile rebirth.  By offering more sales outlets for the iPhone platform, Apple can force its competitors to battle on more fronts.

Love to hear what you think.

Note:  Apple and ATT does have a deal but no one really knows how long the deal is for and the terms. I'm basing my assumptions (for fun) on the fact that ATT violated the terms of the partnership when it failed to support features in the iPhone 3.0 on a timely matter.

Source:  Toronto Star, MacDailyNews

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