Monday, June 29, 2009

Mobile Tip: Updated Info On Extending Battery Life

Battery life is the bane of a mobile warrior.  Achilles Heel of a daily mobile computing experience.  So we wait and hope that a scientific breakthrough in battery technology.  So far, we're always two to three years away.  Then next year rolls around, it's still two to three years away.

Well, while we hold our collective breaths, there are some things we can do to help our mobile devices function longer to serve our mobile needs.

Some are adjusts that we can make to the devices themselves like lowering the brightness of the screen.  Others are more behavioral.

You can always search Onxo for our mobile tips that are scattered throughout.  Since this summer, many folks are taking that revolutionary step towards a smartphone or mobile device like the iPhone and Pre, we've updated the battery tips and including them with older ones we came up with previous.

More at Onxo Mobile Tips.

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