Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mobile Tip: Updated Info On Extending Battery Life (Many Tips Specific To iPhone Users)

Last weekend, more than one million iPhone 3GS's were sold and who knows how many more since.  We won't know until Apple reports their earnings in July but some smarty-pants Wall Street know-it-all have already predicted 7 million for the current quarter.

Regardless, that means lots of folks will notice how the battery in the iPhone can't be changed out and if they're heavy users, the newcomers to the iPhone family might notice the battery life can be quite short.

So, we've republished our battery tip from Onxo and added a few new ones to account for iPhone 3.0 and some neat ones from CNet.  From my past experience, these minor adjustments and behavioral changes to our mobile uses have helped extend my iPhone's battery life thorough a day of mobile computing and entertainment.

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