Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking For an iPhone? Try Best Buy

A couple of weeks ago when I went to my local Best Buy to check out this upstart mobile device that was labelled a challenger to our dear iPhone, I was told that Best Buy may be getting their own allocation of iPhones.

In fact, I stumbled onto a site yesterday that supposedly had a screen shot of their iPhone distribution.  I don't know if that was real or not but I have not reason to believe it is what it appears to be at this point.

So far, ATT seems to be running out of stock while Apple has things stacked their way.  I suppose that's a smart move.  Get folks to go to the Apple store to get the iPhone and at the same time check out all the cool Macbooks and iPods while they're there.

For the most part, hanging out at the Apple store is pretty cool.  I certainly do see a potential for some stores to offer a coffee bar for folks to hang out.  What do you think?  In fact, Apple had considered doing this in the 90s, which as we know did not pan out but we did get the Apple Stores.

So, if you're getting a new iPhone, congratulations.  You're gonna love it.  Right now, I'm still going through all the 3.0 features.  I particularly liked the ability to share information across apps.  That's the most powerful aspect that I can see in the new update, more than MMS or tethering (not that those two features even exist at this point).

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