Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reminder: iPhone 3.0 To Be Available For Download on June 17th

So, the iPhone 3.0 should be available for download on the 17th.  I said it "should" be available.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

It is too earlier in the iPhone product history for us to try and discern how good Apple is with the mobile OS.  So far, their track record has not been all that great with respect to updates.  Even features such as push notification is late.  Nine months late to be exact.

Therefore, it isn't inconceivable that something may pop up at the last moment and delay things for a couple of days.  Like Apple has indicated, there are 40 million iPhone and iPod Touches out there.  It's going to be crazy with that kind of numbers download 250MB each.

For now, let's just say we're looking at Wednesday but it could be Friday or next weekend until it is available.  But for my iPod Touch, my $10 is all set.

Note:  I think this is a major upgrade and Apple should charge $10 for all the new features in iPhone 3.0.  I'm hoping Apple will be more flexible with future 3.0 upgrades.  $5 makes more sense than charging $10 for every 3.0 incremental upgrades.  After all, many Apple fans opt for the iPod Touch because of ATT.  And we should not be punished for avoiding ATT and its "late to the game" features.

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