Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Evidence of 3rd Generation iPod Touch and Autumn Possibilities

According to research firm, Pinch Media, there is growing evidence of the 3rd generation iPod Touch.  Okay, we know it's coming just as we know the 4th gen iPod Touch will be available in the 2nd half of 2010 and the fifth gen Touch the year after that.

What's interesting is the frequency of these spottings.  Suffice to say, we're looking at a fall intro just like previous years to gather steam for the holiday shopping season.  So why are we even talking about something we already know.

Pure speculation but there is something.

There was a rumbling a potential Apple even in August and it's hard to say what's about.  It may be a late push by Apple to heat up the back to school shopping, a couple of months that can really give Apple a lot of momentum into the fall.

What can happen is that Apple can detach the iPod Touch from the other iPods and make its own introduction.  Though unlikely, Apple can be trying to steal Microsoft's thunder when the Zune HD comes out in the month of September.

See the iPod Touch doesn't have to be a crippled iPhone.  It's likely to have a camera so there is a  potential that other features like GPS or perhaps HD video recording can be included.  After all, the 2nd iPod Touch had a higher clock speed than the iPhone 3G.  At a higher speed, Apple can differentiate the Touch from the iPhone and really put a hurt on Microsoft's next Zune attempt.

The problem with this is that it would be a minor event and making the iPod event in the fall less glamorous.  Well, there are other products that Apple can bring out to spice things up.  Perhaps, Apple can offer new iMacs around that time.  Apple TV has not been addressed for a while either and more likely than not, Apple might make things interested for their "hobby".

And let now forget that Apple could be looking at a iPhone OS-based tablet.  Speculation is that it's coming in 2010.  I tend to agree with that time frame but don't be surprised if it shows up this fall either.

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